Baby Wipes And Fats Down The Drain

The terms and conditions and professional guidelines state it is always best practice not to flush them or pour them down through your household waste system.Flashing wipes and fats is only causing more complications and will cause inconvenience for yourself and possibly for your neighbours also so please avoid doing so. In fact around 80 % of blockages i have been called out to, are caused by wipes and fats. Although on some of them it says they
dissolve let me assure you that they really do not. Surprisingly I have came across of some brands that declare their products would dissolve, but then I find them blocking your drain. Unless You are living in new build and your drainage system is brand new and free from any faults such us displaced joints, bellies, cracks or what we often call lips in the pipe, the chances are you might get away with it but I have seen loads of them being block by wipes. I seriously suggest it is not worth taking the risk and prevent causing more problems resulting in more work being carried out as this might cause a financial increase to the final cost. That would be no good as well if it is a shared system because if water board gets involved and they could prove the evidence of wipes coming to mains drains from your household, you will most definitely be warned and can also lead you to receiving a penalty cost which is an avoidable fine. It becomes huge amount of their work to clear blockages caused by wipes and fats so it would be understandable. I am sure most of us heard about massive fatberg down the Whitechapel in london last year so I can understand their concerns as that is where this wipes are ending up- in the main sewers.
In Terms of fats it is always best to at least try not to flush them down your sinkhole. Without having to say to pour oils down your sink, there is always a little bit of it on the plates we wash up hence why the drains outside kitchen windows called gully’s do get blocked up. We should always think of the environment we live in and I do find a precaution of not flushing wipes and fats one of ways to achieve it.

Best Regards

Mr Pipe