Downpipe Jetting

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If You noticed Your gutter overflows or just been cleaned but still not working it normally indicates a further problem with downpipes or drains.  The advantage of having us to clear the gutters to start of is that if it would revel further problems leading to more work to be carried out Mr Pipe would only charge You as little as £25  to preasure jet each downpipe or around £25-50 on top if Your drain needs cleaning. Drain jetting is what we do on daily basis however if we get called out to do one it would cost £100 on it’s own when if we are there clearing your gutters we will only charge You a little bit extra. Lets do some maths :

gutter cleaning £60

2 downpipes jetted £50

2 drains jetted £60

£170 total but all gutters cleaned, downpipes and drains cleared with high pressure water jetter.