Drain Unblocking


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There could be several potential reasons on why your drain got clogged up. Whenever it would be a blocked toilet, sink or gully it is always worth to seek a help from professional drainage engineer.
A qualified and experienced drain expert should have no problem unblocking/clearing your drain, providing the drain is not collapsed, using either drainage rods, mechanical warms/springs or high pressure water jetters. It is always recommended to clean the internal bore of the pipe after unblocking it which is why at Mr Pipe Drainage we always use high pressure drain jetters to achieve a this result.
Although some customers are trying to clear their blockages themselves and are successful, some of them come back to us in tears after damaging their drains or even worse, loosing or getting their cheap DIY range drain rods stack down the drain. It is usually due to the fact that they are cheap for a reason, come undone very easy and easily get pushed down the bend or junction without a reasonable chance of pulling them out without using drain camera. We do offer rods retrieval service but in order to do it , normally need to use our drain cameras which normally, depending on circumstances, might double the cost of unblocking the drain if we were to come out and do it to start of.
It must be worth to at least reconsider of getting Mr Pipe out and get it all sorted for the cost of £100 ALL IN, regardless of time on site….


      £100 ALL IN For Domestic

        £120 ALL IN For Commercial

                             NO VAT