High Pressure Water Jetter Vs Drain Rods

As mentioned previously some customers are trying to use their cheap rods to clear their drains and then come back to us in tears after loosing or getting their rod stack down the drain.
We do not recommend using rods as as right drain clearing equipment. Although they are designed for it, they should be rather used or treated as back up or additional equipment for very simple reason- They only poke hole through blockage or push the blockage down but do not clean the drain or area around the blockage.
Lets say you have had plumber out to unblock your toilet or drain outside kitchen window. He came out,used his cheap rods,pushed the blockage further down or poked hole through it,got paid, packed up and gone away in his van. Few weeks/months later the same drain blocks up , so what You do ? You get your phone, get plumber back, same thing, he comes over and uses his rods, get it going and got paid again ( Twice already ). It is again only down to the honesty of whoever you call in to sort your drains, to do their job properly using high pressure water equipment and making sure they have left your drain unblocked and …..clean inside – preventing it from clogging up again short wile, otherwise we might as well call it missal, if they know it will block again because they used rods not drain jetters and get paid twice.

What you see on the picture above is a great example of money maker. These are called drain gullys and are often found in front of kitchen windows or at corners of a building servicing a storm water down pipes.They are designed to stop smells comming up, therefore has a ‘p trap’ installed in order to achieve it and to stop vermins coming out of them. ‘p trap’ is the same thing you have got installed under your sink. It is a double ‘u shape’ pipe that you can see on the picture bellow.

These layout of pipework is designed to hold a certain level of waste in them before it gets disposed further down the drain. It also means all the fat and/or kitchen oil gets held in them until they block up. It is only then possible to clear them as well as internal bore of the drain, sussing high pressure water jetters, because only these will produce enough volume and pressure of water to get all fat and sludge flushed down and cleared. By ussing the right equipment and simply blast them with jetter instead of rodding it , we could potentially make it last few years, not few months, so you would only have to pay once and the cost would spread over all these years and would work out next to nothing. If You have to get your plumber out to clear your drains with rods 2 to 3 times a year that is surely not worth it and not cost efficient.
Great news is at Mr Pipe Drainage we do not charge extra for use of this machines, in fact this is the only equipment we do use to do your job properly and worthwhile in long term perspective.

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