How Often Should I Jet My Drains ?

It easily becomes a subject of dispute as it all depends on drainage setup you have got installed, the area where you live or operate ( it might needs subsequently more if you are situated in hard water area as scale gets accumulated in pipes ),weather it is domestic or commercial premises amounts of fats you washing down your sink ( ideally not at all ) .
Septic tank systems requires to be maintained more frequently and being emptied on regular basic but again it depends on size of the tank itself, soakaway system installed. It normally works out a lot cheaper to prevent your tank from clogging up as cost of vacuum tanker is normally a lot more higher than having it maintained.
In terms of domestic households It shouldn’t need a visit of engineer more than once a year/2 years providing your drains are in good condition. There is normally large amounts of sludge and fat in kitchen gully’s as any fat washed down your sink ends up and accumulates  in trap behind gully. If your drains are clogging up once upon a time I would advise to have them check out and drain CCTV to be carried out as they shouldn’t require your engineer to keep coming back once jetted properly.
In terms of commercial customers, especially restaurants, pubs and food or other businesses that comes in contact with fats, oils etc due to their daily manufacturing processes the drains might then need to be jetted as often as once a month/two months to prevent the expensive call-outs from my competitors.
We do run a ‘ drain maintenance program ‘ design to prevent blockages and your drains to be jetted on regular basis, but  it is mainly provided for commercial customers however  it would require my visit first to provide an estimate So please call us today if my services can benefit you or your business .

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